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A dynamic team of complimentary Doctors, therapists and teachers dedicated to helping the community raise healthier families.



the connection

Inspired by Doctor Lorene Dennis DC who has lived in several countries where she found itdifficult to find practitioners and teachers who could provide a service of excellence to her family of three children, one who has different abilities. After returning home to New Zealand in 2007 she experienced similar challenges and decided to save parents from having to travel all over Auckland, by gathering exceptional practitioners under one roof. 


A fully inclusive world where individuals create empowered communities by THINKING DIFFERENTLY in relation to health and education IN ORDER to express the best version of themselves, especially those with different abilities. 


To adventure boldly into new possibilities for the health and education of our community, causing a global ripple effect and empowering parents to raise healthy families with informed choices on holistic health care and education. In doing so, create an inclusive society that highlights the unique talents and awesomeness of individuals with different abilities, thus changing perceptions of politicians, decision makers and society.