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Nutritionist and Integrative Health Coach

Abby is a  mother of 3 young boys , a surfer, organic food lover and knowledge seeker.

Abby has worked in health care and education for 18 years.  She is a registered nurse with a Bachelor of Health Science, a qualified  Nutritionist and Integrative Health Coach.  She received these qualifications through Auckland University,  The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and the University of New York.

Abby specialises in

  • digestive health
  • low immunity
  • chronic fatigue 
  • hormonal imbalance and sustainable weight loss

Abby focuses on teaching her clients how to nourish their bodies, using food and lifestyle changes for optimal healing and health.

She supports her clients to make nourishing food and lifestyle choices, working through physical and emotional issues that cause food cravings and addictions to ensure sustainable changes that are lifelong.

Abby provides a supportive, caring approach to gently inspire and empower her clients to reclaim their health, energy and happiness.

She writes for tots to teens and verve magazine's.  She has a busy Facebook page and blog where you can receive daily inspiration in your path optimal health.

Phone No. 0272766268