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Behavioural Specialist


Anna Claridge

Anna Claridge

Anna Claridge

BEd (Hons) MEd (special educational needs)

I am a behavioural specialist who has been working with children for 20 years. I moved to New Zealand 12 years ago, having worked as a special needs teacher in the UK and Kenya.  

I have worked with children who suffered from trauma or hadn’t had a good start in life and were not socially or emotionally ready to begin learning.  To gain further insight into the difficulties these children faced I returned to education and gained a Masters, focusing on special needs and behavioural issues.  My constant exploration of philosophies and programmes has provided me with an extensive repertoire of knowledge to enable me to find the best solution for each individual child. I provide children and their families with tailor-made programmes to resolve social, emotional and behavioural problems.  I believe that for a child to be able to learn they need to feel safe, secure, happy and to understand the expectations of the adults around them.  My philosophy is based on empowering children and their families to work in harmony.

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Child and Family Consultations

Each child’s needs are different and unique to their experiences and I tailor the sessions to meet their needs.  I meet with you and your child and begin by building a trusting relationship through conversation and age-appropriate play.  Tools that I use include:

  • working with your child on their emotional understanding and how emotions affect their behaviour
  • collaborative problem solving with both you and your child to enable you to work together to find solutions to their individual needs
  • identifying and developing thinking skills that would benefit your child in the five areas of executive functioning, language processing, emotion regulation, cognitive flexibility and social skills.  

With the expert knowledge of you as parents, we work together to implement the plan over time, with sessions spaced to meet the needs of you, your child and your budget. 

Parenting Workshops

Our five-week interactive parenting workshops are fun and practical with a maximum of five families. You will discover a variety of tools to help you build a strong, trusting, supportive and empowering relationship with your child/children.  

The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium provides a fun educational experience for all children, including those with special needs.  

 Monday’s programme is for teenagers aged 11 – 16 offering practical life skills projects including phones, handling money, where money comes from, buying food, cooking, organising outings, using public transport, healthy relationships and cyber safety.

Thursday’s programme is for children aged 5 – 12 using child-led inquiry-based learning, allowing children to explore the world through their learning and thinking styles.  In addition to our educational experience we offer practical sessions with a Speech and Language Therapist which are optional.

Both days have a maximum number of 8 children.